Florida Notary Public  / Certified Notary Signing Agent

Wedding Ceremony Officiate

 Lynn A. Stutzman


Notary Fees Per Appointment:

$10.00 for one notarization

$  5.00 for each additional notarization at same appointment

(a notarization is each place within a document or documents that require the affixation of a notary seal)


Appointment Fee: 

$15.00 for First 30 minutes(minimum appointment reservation)

$10.00 for each 15 minutes thereafter


Travel Fees:

$10.00 for Hudson / Port Richey

$15.00 for Spring Hill / New Port Richey / Trinity / Odessa

$20.00 for Weeki Wachee / Tarpon Springs

$25.00 for Palm Harbor/ Land O Lakes

$30.00 for Brooksville / Palm Harbor

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Important information for your Notary appointment:

1) Your document should be completed in full before the appointment, however, DO NOT sign your document ahead of time - the Notary must be present at time of signing

2) ALL Signers MUST be present at time of notarization

3) ALL Signers must provide a current, UNEXPIRED government issued PHOTO ID, such as: 

                   * State Issued Driver's License

                   * State or Government Issued ID Card

                   * Military ID Card or VA Insurance Card

                   * Passport

4) Witnesses, if required for the document, must be present at the time of signing and CANNOT be a named party in the notarized document.

5) When requested to notarize a document to be signed by a patient in a HOSPITAL or other MEDICAL FACILTY, I will be required to qualify the patient signer with a few, simple questions to make sure they understand what they are signing and that they are signing under their own free will

If the signer has been pain medicated with anything stronger than Tylonol or Ibuprofen within the past 3 hours, is not fully alert, does not understand the reason for the appointment or expresses any unwillingness to sign, I will NOT be able to notarize the document and the notarization will be cancelled but my appointment & travel fees will still be charged.

6) Any notarization cancelled once I have arrived at the requested destination will be charged my appointment & travel fees. 

7) I am NOT an attorney, and therefore, by law, I CANNOT explain or interpret the contents of any document for you, instruct you on how to complete a document or direct you on the advisability of signing a particular document.  Nor can I advise you as to what type of notarization is appropriate for the document.  It is the responsibility of the signer to have the form COMPLETELY filled out and to know or have attached the appropriate notarization form.  Any important questions about your document should be addressed to an attorney, your lender or title company.